Team Europe

Meet the Team


  • Dragoș Albăstroiu Dragoș Albăstroiu
  • Samuel Betrisey Samuel Betrisey
  • Oliver Lyak Oliver Lyak
  • Christodoulos Sotiriou Christodoulos Sotiriou
  • Jan-Niklas Sohn Jan-Niklas Sohn
  • Rick de Jager Rick de Jager
  • Giulia Martino Giulia Martino
  • Nikolaos Mourousias Nikolaos Mourousias
  • Lorenzo Demeio Lorenzo Demeio
  • Jakub Nowak Jakub Nowak
  • Louis C. Louis C.
  • Stepan Fedotov Stepan Fedotov
  • Clemens Holter Clemens Holter
  • Šimon Jan Šustek Šimon Jan Šustek
  • Alexia Konstantinidi Alexia Konstantinidi


  • Felipe Romero Felipe Jacob Custodio Romero
  • Bruno Mendes Bruno Miguel da Silva Mendes


  • Mario Mario Polino
  • Johannes Johannes Kadak
  • Pedro Pedro Adao
  • Sanne Sanne Maasakkers
  • Benjamin Benjamin Kral

Team Manager

  • Team Manager & Head Coach Christina Skouloudi

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  • ubitech
  • netcompany

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Team Europe is a group of talented young individuals who are passionate about cybersecurity and represent Europe in the International Cybersecurity Challenge. Comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, Team Europe is committed to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and skills, as well as promoting international collaboration to tackle emerging cyber threats. Through their participation in this global competition, Team Europe showcases the best of Europe's cybersecurity talent and contributes to shaping the future of cybersecurity.

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